Keep-A-Lid Trash Can Tether Logo - Garbage Can Lid Keeper Keep your trash can lid connected to your
trash can with


The garbage can lid-keeper.
Attaches in minutes - No tools of your own needed. No knots to tie. Just 2 pokes and 2 snaps.
Keep your trash can
	    lid connected to your trash can. Keep a lid keeps you lid
ONLY $4.95 (or $6.95 with hole-punching awl)
+ $2.75 Shipping & Handling Charge Per ENTIRE ORDER.
Keep-A-Lid with garbage can tether attached Keep-A-Lid Nylon Rope long enough to rest on the ground Keep-A-Lid Packaging. Keep your lid attached with Keep-A-Lid
Weather Resistant Nylon Cord. Stainless Steel Clamps. Heavy Duty, Permanent Snap-Together Rivets 30 Inch (approx.) Rope, Allows Lid To Rest On The Ground No Knots to Tie. Just 2 Pokes & 2 Snaps.
  • Stop Searching For Your Trash Can Lid In The Bushes!
  • Stop Losing Your Garbage Can Lid In Your Neighbors Yard!
  • Stop Looking In The Street For Runaway Trash Can Lids!
  • Put An End To Lost Lids!
  • Quick And Simple To Attach!
  • Save Money By Not Having To Replace Your Garbage Can!
  • Just Poke 2 Holes & Snap 2 Snaps And Your Lid Is Connected
  • Dome-Shaped Heads Completely Cover Holes
  • Rope Never Comes In Contact With Garbage
  • Neat , Clean Appearance.

Order multiple sets and save on shipping and handling