Keep A LID
Keep your trash can lid connected to your
trash can  Keep your trash can lid connected to your trash can. Keep a lid keeps you lid connected.with 
The garbage can lid-keeper.  
Attaches in minutes - No tools of your own needed. No knots to tie. Just 2 pokes and 2 snaps.
ONLY $4.95 (or $6.95  with hole-punching awl)Keep-A-Lid Hole Punching Awl. Keep Your Trash Can Lid Connected With Keep-A-Lid
+ $2.75 Shipping and handling charge per ENTIRE ORDER.

1. Pick a spot on the lid that's at least one inch from the rim and will not interfere with the normal seal.

2. Remove safety cover from hole-punch awl. Poke a hole through the lid , twisting and turning slightly as you proceed, until the wood portion of the awl is touching the surface of the lid.

3. Place one of the looped ends of the rope on top of the hole you just created so that the hole can be seen through the loop.

4. Push one of the male rivets through the loop and the hole until the head of the rivet is sitting flush against the top of the lid.

5. Remove lid and take one of the female rivets and slide it onto the stem of the male, and push together until you have a nice, tight connection.

6. Pick a spot on the side of the can , again making sure to leave at least an inch between the hole and the lip of the can . Make sure the placement of the rivet won't interfere with the lid's normal use.

7. Repeat steps 2-5 above for trash can .
*Please remember to use caution while using the hole-punching awl as you would with any sharp object. Replace the safety cover and store in safe place after use.*


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